Write your professional bio in less an hour, without feeling cringey.

Open more doors with your expertise by having a professional bio you can be proud of, even if you're not a writer.

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If you are building your personal brand, a modern professional bio is a necessity!

Get the step-by-step frame work to write a modern, professional bio you can be proud of, without feeling awkward about your accomplishments, in less than one hour.

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The "Bankable Bio" Course is for you if you want to:

Refresh your existing bio or need to write one from scratch

Apply for industry awards, media appearances, service proposals, or speaking opportunities

Avoid paying hundreds (or thousands) of dollars to a copywriter/PR firm to write a bio for you

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Erica's Review of Your Bio

Get your completed bio to Erica before February 28, 2022, to have her personally review your bio and get suggestions on what to improve, via screen recording video. 
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